Others Various packaging equipment Kas Mailmaster 465 HS

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Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Others
Short Description : Various packaging equipment
Model : Kas Mailmaster 465 HS
Year(s) : -
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RUSSIA and Central Asia
Last check : 14 Sep. 2018

Brand: Kas Mailmaster
A series of machines MailMaster 465HS is designed for packing materials in envelopes from C65 (eurostandard) to C4 + (A4 sheet entirely).
Designed specifically for working with large print runs, the machine is easy to install and quick to reconfigure from one task to another, which provides convenience and flexibility of management.
You can select the number of attachments from the built-in stations in advance, and switch the feed from one station to another when working at a low speed.
Composition of the machine: a folding feeder (module) with the possibility of reading via the QR-code, an additional folding module A4, five additional feeders located perpendicular to the line for additional attachments.
It is possible to group documents by optical code, select attachments, fold groups from selected attachments, merge documents from more than one feeder or from attachment stations, remove completed envelopes before sealing, mark envelopes, sort mailings, and control the integrity of attachments.
Productivity, investment per hour 6000
Maximum thickness of the packed envelope, mm up to 15
Envelope size, mm 110 x 229 (C65) - 240 x 335 (C4 +)
The documents are separate sheets, unfolded material, envelopes for an answer, stitched booklets, magazines and books
Number of feed stations (standard) 4-6
Additional photos on request. The equipment is stored in a warehouse in a dry, heated room.

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