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Brand: SRU Biosystems
Bind Reader Screener Microplate Reader

Microplate Readers:Multi-Mode: SRU Biosystems: Bind Reader Turbo: Screener

- Ultra-high throughput applications monitoring both biochemical and cellular interactions
- Easily automated
Read Time
96-well in 30s, 384-well in 1 min, 1536-well in 3 min

The SRU Biosystems BIND Reader TURBO is a high performance microplate reader. This system utilizes label free detection technology for automated sample reading in microplates with either 96 or 384 wells (or 384/1536 for the ultra-high throughput model). The patented optical grating design of the biosensor contributes to fast scan times and precision when performing both cell based and biochemical assays. Such performance makes this platform ideal for applications like GPCR assays, endogenous receptor analysis, adherent and suspension cells, primary cells, and ion channels. With an intuitive software package, the BIND Reader TURBO can be easily integrated with other laboratory instruments for enhanced automation and greater convenience.

Because the system functions via label free analysis technology, cost savings are maximized with the elimination of expensive chemical markers. Multi-modal function provides versatility in application, with the kinetic mode providing data on cellular responses across an entire plate in under a minute (~45 seconds for a 1536- well microplate). In endpoint mode, close to one million wells can be sampled over the course of a single eight hour day, making this an invaluable instrument in medium to high throughputs.

The short run durations and overall performance capability of the system allows for the use of minimal endogenous cells or valuable primary cells in sampling, and superior results have been demonstrated in a variety of investigations, such as drug discovery and cellular assays. The ability of the BIND Reader TURBO to accept microplates for sample analysis makes this a useful instrument, as it can be integrated with standard laboratory infrastructure

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Location : AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)
Location : AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)
Location : AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)