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Year(s) : 2007
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Brand: Soundskin
Used Microdermabrader - Soundskin - Smart Peel Physician

Item Description
Used 2007 SmartPeel Esthetician Skin Exfoliation system w/manuals:
Location: FL

Smart Peel Physician Microdermabrasion units offer unbeatable
performance, superior reliability and unequalled value. The dual mode
setting utilizes the potential for aesthetic and medical procedures
within the same system.
Level one is for exfoliation treatments by an aesthetician; level two
is for the medical nurse or physician who required more power and
versatility for medical procedures.
Medical nurses can undertake Microdermabrasion treatments before laser
procedures or cosmetic surgery, improving the collagen and elastin
supply to the dermis speeds up the recovery rate post op. Results
prove there is an increase in the overall condition of the dermal
layers after using Microdermabrasion pre and post procedures.
When used for scar revision, the keloids factor can be reduced if
commenced as soon as the sensitivity subsides. Increased circulation
and toxin removal helps balance over-active sebaceous glands, reducing
the bacteria in follicles and pores helps control acne.
Microdermabrasion allows the physician a choice of parameters, to
harness the potential of aesthetic and medical procedures with one
The unique features of electronic control of vacuum and crystal
eliminates clogging, the air misted crystals features is the most
efficient and economical on the market.
Twin .01-micron viral filters eliminates cross contamination and
airborne bacteria, this is the only system on the market using this
level of safety for patient and technician. The hand pieces are
moulded acetyl and do not wear or sharpen. The crystals are sealed in
sterile jars to avoid contamination; the disposable jars require no
filling or emptying and take less that one-minute to change.
The control settings offer the technician a wide range of parameters
for all skin types; this procedure is safe, sterile and non-invasive
with the client's comfort level the deciding factor.

Smart Peel Features
• Individual electronic control of vacuum and crystals
• Dual motors provide a range of treatment parameters to accommodate
different skin types and skin conditions
• Twin .01 micron anti viral filters eliminates cross contamination
against the Hepatitis C virus for patient and skin care specialist.
• 100% free running crystals, no clogging
• Sealed sterile crystals in disposable containers • Self cleaning
double filtration system
• Sterilisable acetyl hand pieces, four with each unit
• The lowest running costs on the market
• Innovative technology has eliminates the problems other machines
have encountered