PASSENGER/CRUISE VESSEL Pax capacity: 220 persons

Ref : 1726048-10-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : -
Capacity : Pax capacity: 220 persons
Year(s) : 1
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
RUSSIA and Central Asia
Last check : 17 Nov. 2017

Year 1977

Type: passenger vessel, double-screw, three-deck motor ship
with surplus freeboard, double-deck superstructure, intermwdiate
engine room, bulbous bow and transon stern
Built: 1978, Kraievitsa, Yugoslavia

Classification: (contains ice class) - KM*L1 (1) A2: KM* indicates that ship was built in accordance
with Rules and under supervision of Russian Register of Shipping, L1 = navigation without assistance
in summer in the Arctic in the broken ice and all the year round in the freezing non-arctic seas in the
light ice conditions, all the year round navigation astern an ice-breaker in the freezing non-arctic seas
and in summer/autumn in the Arctic, A2 = a ship fitted with the machinery installation of the extent of
automation sufficient for operation with unattended machinery spaces but attended main control station

L o.a./b.p.: 100,02/90 m
B moulded: 16,2 m
D moulded: 7 m
Summer load-line draft: 4,67 m
FDT/LDT: 4160/2886,9 mt
Light draft fore/aft: 2,16/4,67 m
DWT: 1273,1 t
Loading capacity per 1 cm draft: 10,91 t/cm
Pax capacity: 220 persons
GRT/NRT: 4251/1439 rt
Service speed loaded/in ballast: 13 knots
Navigation range: 5000 miles
Full/min staff (complement): 63/27 members.
Overall height above the base-line: 31,8 m
Cargo holds (grain): 900 CBM
Fuel stores: DO 66,4 t/high viscosity fuel 168,3 t
DO consumption under way/in port cargo operation/no cargo: 1,8/1,45/1,23 t/day
High viscosity fuel consumption under way/in port cargo operation/no cargo: 12,5/1,35/1,15 t/day
Cargo handling gear: electrical crane 12 m boom, 1 x 3,2 t
Main engine: Diesel 8M35 BF-62 B&W, 2 x 1940 KWT (2640 b.h.p.), recommended fuel cSt50 C
Aux. generators: 4 x 352 KWT
Propeller: FPP, 2 x 2,6 m
Ventilation: cargo&servise spaces - mechanically
accommodation spaces - air conditioners, vessel is fully equipped with air-conditioning system
Passenger services: comfortable cabins, restaurant, bar, movie hall, winter garden, library, souvenir
shop, hairdresser's and barber's, music lounge, information deck, gym hall, bathroom
Capacity: restaurant 106 seats, stern bar 34 persons, bow bar (music hall) 60 seats, lounge 20
persons, dinning room 20 seats
GMDSS: is installed
Next SS: January, 2006
DD: freshly passed in January, 2004

Cabins: 50, first class cabins 2 x 2 persons (8,5 sq. m
each), main deck cabins 28 x 4 persons, lower deck cabins
18 x 4 persons, passenger deck cabins 2 x 2 persons, total
accommodation 192 persons; each cabin is equipped with
WC and showers

Description: intimate small passenger ship with a well-
balanced profile and an ice-reinforced hull. She has good
open deck space, an outdoor observation deck plus an
enclosed promenade deck for inclement weather. The ship
is small with compact cabins (all outside) although they can
accommodate four persons, yet comfortable

Last years the vessel was operating in North-West region
of Pacific Ocean with calling to the ports of Russia, China,
Japan, Korea. The vessel was trading as a pax vessel. The
character of the cruises was mostly shop-tours. Duration of
each cruise was between 1 and 2 weeks. Usual quantity of
passengers on board the vessel was 120-150 persons.

Smoke detecting gear: installed over the whole vessel
(cabins, public places, etc.)

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