Perkin Elmer Topcount NXT Microplate Reader

Ref : 1201093-16-GO
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Perkin Elmer
Model : Topcount NXT Microplate Reader
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AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)
Last check : 18 Mar. 2015

Perkin Elmer Topcount NXT Liquid Scintillation/Luminescence Counter (C9912V0)

Features The Following:
- 96 Well Microplate Reading Capabilities
- 12-Detector Configuration
- Automated Microplate Feeding Capabilities
- Barcode reader
- On-Board Computer

Includes the Following:
- Cooling Cart
- (2) 40 Plate Stacker Cassettes
- Various Cassettes & Accessories
- Internal Barcode reader
- Packaging

Controller & Software:
- On Board Computer, Monitor, Keyboard & Printer
- RIASMART Software
- Expert QC Software
- Ethernet Adapter Kit / ISA Bus
- (1) Cabling Interface Kit

- Operator’s Manuals
- Technical Verification & Report

• TopCount NXT with Windows 2000-based operating software
and built-in Hologram relational database software, provides
the maximum capability for both basic research and high
throughput screening.

• The HTS version lets you count radioisotopic and luminescent
samples twelve at a time in both 96- and 384-well microplates,
separately or intermixed.

• In fact, you can continue to count and analyze assays in the
96-well format while you convert them to the 384-well microplate,
and not lose productivity.

• The external plate stacker allows more than 15,000 samples to
be loaded for the highest unattended counting capacity, or you
can integrate your TopCount NXT into a robotic system for
unlimited high throughput. Being Windows 2000-based,
TopCount NXT is easily networked to provide error-free,
automatic data transmission.

• Best of all, you will never lose data due to printer or network
failures, because the built-in Hologram database automatically
stores the data for every sample you count.

• Uncompromised Performance from Crosstalk-Free Microplate
Counting Customer-proven by thousands of researchers,
TopCount NXT is your best choice for speed, accuracy, and
versatility in microplate counting.

• If you need to count gammas, betas or luminescent samples,
TopCount NXT will do it without interfering crosstalk. Perform
solid scintillation, liquid scintillation, filter counting, Cerenkov
counting, SPA, and scintillating microplate counting, without
compromising quality.

• And, TopCount NXT’s high efficiency count mode significantly
increases sensitivity for a variety of assays.

• Cross-sectional diagram of the TopCount counting a typical
opaque microplate; illustrating the elimination of crosstalk.

• TopCount NXT analyzes two, six, or twelve samples at a time,
and counts samples in 24, 96, and 384 well microplates, as well
as microcentrifuge tubes.

• Only TopCount NXT can control the counting chamber temperature
to ensure a reproducible counting environment for all your assays