Polytype Laminator

Ref : 1821704-4-CP
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Polytype
Model : -
Short Description : Laminator
Year(s) : 1989
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 24 Jul. 2019

POLYTYPE Laminator
Year 1989
Min. and max web width: 600-1280 mm.
Mech. machine speed: 10-300 m/min.

Aluminium soft: 9-15 my
BOPP-film: 15-50 my
Polyaethylen-film (LLD/LD/HD): 20-100 my
Polyester-film: 10-25 my
PA: 15-30 my
Paper: 30-60 gr/m2
EVA film: 20-80 my
Laminate: 20-120 my.

Main unwind: reel dia.: 80-1000 mm
Tension range: 20-300 N
Pneumatic expansion shaft dia. 76 mm.
Edge guide control +/- 30 mm

Dancer roll, coating head
Roll W1 for core dia. of 144 mm and width of 1340 mm
Roll W2 for width of 1340 mm and outer dia. of 200 mm
Roll W3 for width of 1340 mm
Roll W4 for width of 1460 mm and outer dia. of 200 mm
Adhesive pump
Exhaust fan LTM 236, laminating unit with roll W5 and W6 for core dia. of 184 mm and width of 1460 mm
Temperature controller type P141/14/S54 – circuit for W2 and adhesive container
Temperature controller type 150/14/TB31/2K – circuit for W4 and circuit for W5
DOPAG metering and mixing unit, laminating unwind, unwinding dancer roll , edge guide control
Corona discharge unit
Cooling or heating cylinder dia. 318
Rubber impression roll dia. 160
Rewinding dancer roller
Rewind with lay on roll
Hydraulic unit.
Total installed power: 200 kVA.

Equipped with:
19 guide rollers
Rollers in cooling unit: 1 rubber roller dia. 160 and 1 cooling cylinder dia. 318
Rollers in coating unit: 10 rubber rollers and 11 steel rollers and with 1 rubber
Roller in unwind and rewind for dia. 150.
Electric mains: 3x380V / 50 Hz.
Not Visible in production (the production in the factory stopped in Feb. 2018).