Ref : 2017463-6-CP
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Promixon
Short Description : PROWOOD-TC
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)

wood plastic compound production line
Construction year 2015
Production started at end 2016
4.000 worked hours only
Average throughput (automatic loading)860 kg / h
Load for polyolefin/wood batches 215 kg
1. MIxing Plant type Prowood-TC/1000/3600/W composed of:
1.1. Turbomixer TMX-1000/W
Total volume 1000 + 200 lt additional to help the humidity extraction
AC motor power 315 kW driven by variable frequency inverter
1.2. Horizontal cooler CMX-3600
Total volume 3600 lt
AC motor power 30 kW single speed
1.2.1 no.3 choppes positioned on the coller
no. 2 blades made of temprated steel K110
AC motor power 15 kW single speed
1.3. Electrical power and controls unit
no. 1 main power panel positioned in a safe enviroment
no. 1 HMI panel for mixer operation with SIEMENS TP-900 supervision panel.
1.4. Metal base to elevate the hot mixer above the cooler, complete with working platform and access stair. Cooler discharge height from floor: 1000 mm
1.5 no. 4 Vibration Dumpers for turbomixer
1.6 Explonsion Relief Valve (BRAND HOERBIGER) installed on Turbomixer LID
1.7 Vacuum Dehumidification Unit for Turbomixer type VU-3
1.8 Jet Filter for Horizontal cooler
Filtering surface 3 m2
Automatic cleaning by reserve pulse compressed air

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