Pulp Molded Production Line 10,5 t / 24 hours

Ref : 2154487-2-CP
Condition : New
Manufacturer : -
Type : Pulp Molded Production Line
Width : -
Gramages Range ( Gsm ) : -
Capacity : 10,5 t / 24 hours
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Central and Eastern)

Processing Type: Conventional single rotary molding

Power(W): 725 kw

Brand Name: Semtechnology

Voltage: 3 х 400 (+/- 5%) V

Pulp preparation area – 220 m2, 9m high;
Production line area – 48 x 12 m, 6,5 m high;
Vacuum system area – 100 m2;
Electrical power and Control area – 25 m2;
Storage area for the final products – 1200 m2.

After-sales Service Provided: SEM’s equipment guarantee period is 24 months from the date of its commissioning, but not later than 18 months from the notification of readiness. Protection from poor quality and defective materials is guaranteed. Any details, which were crashed because of faulty material or improper quality, will be replaced for free in case of confirmation of the fact that equipment was used in a proper way and SEM was prompt informed about malfunction. SEM does not carry responsibility for any equipment, which was repaired or changed without SEM’s written agreement.

Name: Production line type FT-6000

Supply Ability: 3 Piece/Pieces per Year

Product Description

The SEM FT-6000 production line includes two vacuum molding machines at once. This concept, developed by SEM specialists, offers high flexibility in the product range.
Our system provide operator with a possibility to set and adjust each drum and two dryer conveyors separately. Adjust the rotation speed of each drum, the strength of the vacuum, the sprayers, and the speed of two dryer conveyors to create 2 independent product flows at the same time.
Combine the output of products of different shapes and different colors, depending on your market requirements.
Drying oven developed by our experts, gives unprecedented control over the temperature regime of the process, and as a result – the high quality of the finished product and energy efficiency of production.
There are 4 adjustable temperature zones in the drying oven. It allows operator to build the correct drying process for each type of product.
We offer our customers a cooperation that contribute to the joint development of business in different regions of the world. We have over 50 years of experience in the production and sales of different types of paper packaging.
Our core competencies are both in the field of production technology and in marketing strategies for the development of markets for eco-friendly products.
We are interested in developing our partners’ network and creating mutually beneficial long-term cooperation. We are open to discuss any conditions for our further partnership.

Production line SEM FT-6000 consist of 5 main areas:
Pulping System Area
Water Cleaning Area
Forming Area
Drying Area
Packing, Storage and Loading Areas

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