Redex Thermo Lam 3 Laminator

Ref : 2493540-4-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Redex
Model : Thermo Lam 3
Short Description : Laminator
Year(s) : 1999
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)

42” Redex laminator.
2-ply thermal lamination system.
MAP Systems Model LCP-10
MAP Systems Model LAM-42
300 feet per minute.
Was laminating films through heat & pressure.
Includes (2) pillar treaters for treating the two webs before the webs are laminated.
AC variable speed drives. 230 volt, 3 phase, 50/60 cycle.
Hitachi controllers. G.E. AC motors, 5 HP motors.
40” diameter on primary single position unwind.
24” diameter rolls on secondary unwind.
6” cores on primary & secondary unwinds. Primary center rewinder.
40” diameter, 3” air shafts. Has secondary liner rewinder.
Single position primary unwind with Witchita Mistrol air brake.
Accuweb Micro 1000 auto edge guide system. (2) 42” corona treaters,
Pillar Technologies Model P6015. .5” KW Pillar treaters. 240 volt, 50 / 60 cycle.
Next inline is 45” wide laminating station, heated American roll
with air-loaded heated nip roll.
After the heated nip lamination station is an air-loaded heat roll;
same size as first American roll.
Two heat rolls are American Rolls Thermo Lam RI200 electrically heated rolls.
Manufacturer’s brochure indicates Model R1200 is capable of temperatures up
to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. After laminating station and the second American roll,
there is a chill roll, approximately 9” diameter.
Water-cooled, air-loaded dancer control system on rewinder.
Accuweb Micro 1000 auto edge guide on rewind.
Parker Auto Motor CTC touchscreen. Allen Bradley Slick 800 PLC.
Includes a secondary center rewind liner rewinder.

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