Nidek, Santinelli LE-9000SX Edger

Ref : 2398005-13-W
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Nidek, Santinelli
Model : LE-9000SX Edger
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
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AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)
Last check : 05 Apr. 2023

Harmony Among Beauty and Advanced Technology
Automatic Chamfering & Grooving
NIDEK’s SX series of patternless edgers provide automatic chamfering
and grooving, with a multidisk arm that grooves and chamfers in one
Wider Grinding Wheel
The 20% wider, more durable grinding wheel has an improved carriage
that facilitates grinding of even thicker lenses at greater speed.
Flexible and Versatile
The LE-9000SX/LX series edgers can process any type of lens material,
including glass*, plastic, polycarbonate, and acrylic lenses.

Except model PLB, which is recommended only for use on plastic. Built-in Tracer*
SX/LX series only.
High Speed, High Precision 3D Tracing
SX/LX series only.
Fully Automatic Measurement of Patterns and Dummy Lenses*
The LE-9000 automatically measures frame, pattern and dummy lenses,
and at the completion of the operation, the measuring pin returns to its
SX/LX series only.
Dual Tracing System
As both sides of lenses are traced with high accuracy, a perfect fit
is possible even when there are subtle differences between right and
left lenses.
The frame PD is automatically measured, eliminating the need for
manual measurement and input.

SX/LX series only.
Low-Pressure Active Control Stylus
Accurate tracing is accomplished at low pressure, eliminating frame
distortion and disengagement.

SX/LX series only.
Mirror Polish
LE-9000’s “Mirror Polishing” produces mirror-like lenses.
Speed Up
The LE-9000 features high-speed processing at every step of
operation—frame tracing*, lens measurement, calculation and edging.
Operation time is reduced to 1/3 compared to that of our first edger model.
High Quality
32,000 data points per processing round ensures a precise fit.
Frame Memory
100 tracing patterns can be stored in memory, and with the optional
bar code reader, up to 500 patterns can be stored.
Great Efficiency
With the NIDEK’s Intelligent Blocker ICE-2000, Satellite Tracer
LT-900, Lab Edger SE-9090, and a PC, various lens processing systems
can be easily linked to improving lab efficiency and large-scale processing.

Tracer system is incorporated in SX/LX series only. With EX/DX
series, the NIDEK’s Intelligent Blocker ICE-9000 or Satellite
Tracer LT-900 can be combined.

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Location : EUROPE (Western and Northern)