Schenk Variprint SPIDER V2002 Carousel printer

Ref : 2447125-1-AW
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Schenk
Model : Variprint SPIDER V2002
Short Description : Carousel printer
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Central and Eastern)
Last check : 26 Jul. 2023

type EX 8/12 ER
with Servo electric rotary drive
an electric drive to lift the screen in relation to the Servo pallet
electric drive of the Servo squeegee carriage

• 12 stations (pallets)
• 10 automatic printing mechanisms
• Print format: 600 x 850 mm (1100 x 850 mm in double index)
• Machine diameter: 5,760 mm
• 15 pieces of aluminum sandwich pallets, 420 x 700 mm
• 12 pieces of aluminum sandwich pallets, 550 x 750 mm
• 12 squeegees 400 mm with rubber 40 x 8 mm, 65/800 Shore

Energy demand
• Electric: 400V, 50/60 Hz, 16A
• Compressed air: 8 bar, approx. 3 m3 / h per printing mechanism

Standard equipment
• TOUCHSCREEN 13 "touch display,
• microprocessor control,
• 6 basic programs suitably suited to printing with plastisol, water-based inks and HD printing. Program: heating the pallets! - 1 key activation,
• Electric kickback system - enables electronic setting of the distance between the pallet and the sieve from the desktop,
• HD program - eg for high print
Example: when the sieve is lifted, only the scraping squeegee (any number) works without the pressure of the printing squeegee on the return (e.g. to fill the exposed capillary film),
after leaving the screen, only the printing squeegee or alternatively two squeegees work,
• Eco-bag printing function, printing to the bottom edge of the bag!
Or a high position of the motif on a T-shirt, etc.
• Excess paint scraping function - the possibility of setting an additional (longer) grabbing the remaining paint behind the printing squeegee (e.g. every 10th grab will cause a longer squeegee shift),
• Pallet rotation functions: 1/2 and double index,
• Possibility to set a strainer screen: the pallet individually at each printing station,
• Mini controls on each printing arm
• System of precise reporting of sieves with a scale
• Accuracy of printing reporting +/- 0.025 mm
• Pneumatically adjustable squeegee pressure (printing / tightening)
• SKIP function for skipping the table top with poorly placed goods
• "Replay" program - allows you to repeatedly dry, for example, the undercoat with one dryer,
• "MIX" program - enables automatic selection of the arms, setting the distance between the pallet and the sieve from the desktop, programmed in four revolutions,
• Speed ​​3 program for multiple printing.

Example: rotation with paint draw, sieve lowering + printing, if reprinting is necessary, the machine does not make a full movement to lift the sieves, but only a small stroke, e.g. 3mm to tighten the sieve, 1-2-3-Return - transfer printing or printing large format, the so-called pendulum 1-2-3 return - without full rotation!
• Program for printing transfers, the so-called pendulum of 3 pallets (vakuum - optional)
Example: printing on 3 pallets without full rotation,
• Changeable direction of rotation of the pallets (right / left),
• Possibility to program each arm with a different printing program,
• Lifted printing arms: the so-called opening station!
• Side sieve loading,
• Pneumatic and manual blocking of the sieves,
• Manually adjustable angle of the doctor blade,
• Print speed: up to 1000 cycles / hour.

Additionally: flashline dryer - 3 pcs.

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