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Manufacturer : Siemens
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Last check : 15 Mar. 2018

Siemens-Elema Servo Ventilator 900B w/Siemens Mobile Cart - Preowned in Good Condition


The Siemens-Elema Servo Ventilator 900 B is an electronically-controlled, volume-limited ventilator. To adapt this ventilator for use in newborns with respiratory failure, minute volume control, PEEP valves, air-oxygen blenders, and respiratory tubing circuits were modified. During a 22-month period, 161 newborn infants with severe respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) were managed with this ventilator.

Furthermore, this ventilator is versatile because it can be readily recalibrated for use in older patients and can be easily adapted for patients requiring surgery. This ventilator has the extremely important advantage of being a volume ventilator which can effectively provide positive pressure ventilatory support to patients of all age and weight groups.


Expired Minute Volume
Airway Pressure
Settings for:
Insp. Time %
Pause Time %
Preset Insp. Minute Volume l/min
Maximum Exp. Flow l/min


Maximum Pressure 100 PSI-700 k Pa
Maximum Druck 7 Bar
Made in Sweden
110 V
60 Hz
0.6 Amps
331 Hours Used
Dimensions of Unit: 21 1/2 " W x 12 ¾” H x 25” D
Dimensions of Cart: 27” W x 40 ½” H x 25” D
Locking Wheels on Cart
Cart also has storage drawer