Star CYC-800B

Ref : 1999570-6-A
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Star
Model : CYC-800B
Capacity : -
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)
Last check : 30 Jun. 2020

Star Robot
Controller: STAR Stec 31
Voltage: 200 VAC
vertical arm(s): 800mm pneumatic with linear guides.
strip stroke parts arm: 150mm pneumatic, adjustable
traverse stroke: 1600mm AC freq./inverter motor drive.
Rack & pinion w/linear guides.
press range: typically 150 ton to 300 ton depending on application.
delivery: set up for non-op side but can be changed

Star Automation for injection molding machines.
This robot features a double arm design, so you can use the 2nd arm (runner arm) to grab sprues or runners from a 3-plate mold.
The electric traverse stroke allows for multiple positions, etc.
Three (3) brand new, never used, spare air cylinders for the vertical arms are included.

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