Steppex SPRINT 84" 2NR ELTRON SLM2005 Quilting machines

Ref : 1737060-1-AW
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Steppex
Model : SPRINT 84" 2NR ELTRON SLM2005
Short Description : Quilting machines
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Central and Eastern)
Last check : 27 Mar. 2020

Re-conditioned quilting machines are devices after full regeneration
which refers to exchange of all wearing parts into new ones and re-conditioning of whole machine's rest ( as trunk or other massive parts ).
Apat of this such machines are equipped with new fittings like working bridge for staff, winding device
with electronically controlled tension of quilted fabric, spoolbox and others.

This is because machines of the category - from user's point of view - are simply like new, and as such - get 1 year warranty.
Programmable computer driven machines are equipped with ( also brand new ) excellent working computer servo drive ELTRON SLM2005
with multilanguage software. ELTRON SLM is the newest drive - a masterpiece in a world of electronic control in quilting.

Model: Steppex SPRINT 84" 2NR ELTRON SLM2005
working width: 84" = 215 cm
two needle bars
84 needles in each needlebar ( row ); 1" distance between needles ( 2,54cm )
distance between bars ( rows ) - 3"
carriage movement ( stroke ): 350 mm
maximum material's width: up to 250 cm ( 215 cm + carriage stroke )
machine fully reconditioned
patterns up to 360º
brand new computer servo drive ELTRON SLM
fully programmable ( patterns/designs up to 360 deg.; easy method of creating new designs )
multilanguage software ( English, German, Italian, French, Polish! )
220 pre-programmed standard designs
practically unrestricted quantity of supplementary designs in memory
touch sensitive screen
maximum working speed - 600 rotation pre minute
top thread breaking controller
quick start / stop
automatic needle positioning
handbox controller for changing machine' working modes and jogging left/right and forward/back
1 year warranty

Enclosed equipment:
winding device ( electronically controlled tension of quilted fabric )
working bridge
set of ( emergency ) stop buttons installed on machine
set of 100 shuttles no 10
set od 200 needles
25 threadhooks + 2 hook' handles
QEdit software for creating / editing designs; ability of importing embroidery patterns ( eg. from Saurer SLC )
full set of factory doccumentetion ( manuals, instructions; in English or German )
delivery time - up to 5 weeks since order

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