STK-30, Auto Stacker

Ref : 2234593-4-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : -
Model : STK-30, Auto Stacker
Year(s) : 2013
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Central and Eastern)

Max size: 1450×2400 mm

Arm pneumatic type driving, simple construction, trouble free
Stacking platform is with auto. Lifting device, platform is According to the stacking height to raise. While Stacking transfer belt slants on platform, The board would not slide down, still can stack smoothly.

Receiving plate receives board and temporary stock stacking board, printing and slotting jobs not necessary to interrupt or reduce the speed. When change stacking pallet, it is with Temporary stock device, operator has plenty time, it is not necessary to reduce machine speed or stop machine. Back damper for registering position of board width is manual adjustment.

Wrinkle conveyor belt speed and main machine speed are Synchronous.

Max. board size 1450×2400 mm;
Min. sheet size 280×500 mm;
Stack height 1700 mm;
Power required 6 HP;
Length of machine 6200 mm;
Machine weight 2800 kg.

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