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TECA Nervus/Nicolet One 40 Channel EEG - Certified Pre-Owned

The TECA Nervus/Nicolet One 40 Channel EEG includes an (M-40) 40-channel amplifier, computer, photic stimulator on an articulating arm, isolation transformer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and interconnecting cables, all on a mobile cart. It is in excellent condition and certified by MFI Medical to proper operating specifications.
The 40 Channel Multimedia EEG System facilitates the capture and review of electroneurophysiological data. The EEG system records and processes EEG and polygraphy signals using a standard PC running Windows.

TECA Nervus/Nicolet One 40 Channel EEG Features

Use of the Windows operating system to record and process digital EEG data.
Seamless integration with standard software such as Microsoft Office.
Acquisition of up to 128 EEG channels and other biological signals and storage to a file.
Simultaneous acquisition and display of data, including digital video.
Insertion of user-defined and automatically inserted event markers during recording, and the ability to browse the recording by events.
Custom montages (with complete control of paper speed, sensitivity, signal derivation, and filter settings).
Review of previous parts of the recording while still recording.
Page-by-page browsing through a recording or continuous playback (forward or backward).
Trend overview and the ability to browse the recording by selecting a point on the overview.
Recording Protocol: A group of format and view settings, with instant return to saved configurations.
Photic stimulation control from the recorder. The user can create their own photic sequences and execute them from the recorder.
Duration events specifying the frequency are inserted while flashing.
Hyperventilation and reaction time tools.
Continuous impedance testing while recording with automatic event insertion when a poor electrode connection is detected.
Low cut, high cut, and notch filtering.
Calculation of Fourier transformation.

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