Thermo Past 400 Bi Pasteurizer

Ref : 2471596-7-FM
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Thermo
Model : Past 400 Bi
Short Description : Pasteurizer
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)

Continuous pasteurization equipment from the Thermo-Past range
with a minimum capacity of 400 litres/hour,
Compact and integrated assembly mounted on a chassis
composed as standard of:
- 1 propane gas or natural gas boiler with a power of 34 kw
- consumption: approximately 3 kg/hour
- 1 oblong type exchanger to pasteurize the juices.
Simple opening of the flanges for cleaning.
- 1 calorie recovery exchanger
- this exchanger allows the cold juice
to be heated before pasteurization and to reduce the temperature of
the pasteurized juice (principle of flash pasteurization) to put in vats,
to put in bottles.
- 1 lodger which is an element allowing to keep the temperature for a given time
• 1 stainless steel launch tank with constant level
• Buffer tank for bottling / filling regulation
- 2 digital displays for temperature control
- 1 flow indicator which helps to adjust the pasteurizer (for juice only)
- 1 water circulation system, heat transfer element in closed circuit, independent of the pasteurization system.
- 1 gas 2nd pressure regulator 37 millibars for connection to cylinders (1st pressure regulator not supplied).
- Dimensions: L: 1.7 meters - W: 0.7 meters
h: 2.1 meters - weight: 370 kg
– Excluding postage and packaging

Options available on request:
-- Manual linear bottling machine with 6 spouts suitable for hot juices
- Recorder / 3-way temperature display (instead of display)
- Recycling valve to automatically discard juices
that have not reached pasteurization temperature

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