Topcon KR-8800

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Manufacturer : Topcon
Model : KR-8800
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AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)

The Topcon KR-8800 Auto Refractor is loaded with new features with proven consistent and accurate results.
The KR-8800 delivers precise accurate objective refraction data with the Topcon exclusive Rotary Prism Technology.
Rather than single-measurement points like other auto-refractors, the Rotary Prism covers a wider field, ensuring the most reliable objective refraction data. Also it offers a color LCD monitor, reduced measurement time,
a small 2mm minimum pupil requirement, pupil/cornea diameter measurements,
PD measurement, an infra-red reflex feature to monitor developing opacity,
and USB and RS-232 connections for enhanced and faster data transfer. Topcon’s KR-8800 automatically acquires the refraction and keratometric data after alignment,
making it the perfect choice for today’s fast paced practice.


Simultaneous Display of Binocular Readings:
The new color LCD monitor simultaneously displays the readings of both right and left eyes so that the operator can instantly observe all of the pertinent information.

Wider Measurement Range:
The new 8800 series’ wider range allows measurements to be obtained on patients with up to 10D of astigmatism.

Rotary Prism Measurement System:
The new 8800 series features Topcon’s exclusive Rotary Prism Technology for unmatched accuracy and reliability.
The off-centered ring target is able to measure areas that may be occluded by a small diameter pupil.
The prism angle enables a much wider area of the retina to be measured.
As a result, the measurement image provides extremely reliable data.

Faster Measurement:
The 8800 series are among the fastest auto refractors in the world.
A specially designed CPU enables the 8800 series to significantly reduce the measurement time.

Scenic Fixation Chart:
The scenic color chart makes eye fixation easier and is adjustable in two brightness levels for optimal measuring results with either large or small pupils on the used Topcon KR 8800

Auto Measurement:
As soon as the used Topcon KR 8800 is properly aligned, this innovative function initiates the measurement process and completes three readings of each eye providing that proper alignment is maintained.

Cornea Diameter Measurement:
The used Topcon KR 8800 let you measure the corneal diameter either during testing of the patient or later by recalling the image of the cornea on the monitor.

Refraction measurement range: Sphere: -25D to +22D, Cylinder: 0D to ± 10D, Axis: 0° to 180°
Corneal curvature measurement range: Curvature radius: 5.00mm to 10.00mm, Sphere power 67.50D to 33.75D, Cylinder power: 0D to ± 10D, Axis: 0° to 180°
Measurable minimum pupil diameter: 2.0mm diameter
Target fixation: Auto fogging
Recording of measurement value: Internal printer (10 measurement values can be momorized for each right and left eye)
Monitor display: 5-inch type (color character display)
Input power: 75VA
Dimensions: 11″(W) × 19″(D) × 18″(H)

This Topcon KR-8800 comes equipped with:
6 Month warranty
Dust cover
Extra printing paper

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