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Manufacturer : Topcon
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Year(s) : 2012
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EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 01 Oct. 2018

Autorefracto Kerato-tonometer
Topcon TRK 1P

Four times the diagnostic capabilities in one-fourth the space. The all new TRK-1P 4- in-1 instrument combines the latest technology into one compact unit. The TRK-1P features a complete Auto Alignment system, combined with an Auto Refractometer, Keratometer, Non-Contact Tonometer and Pachymeter.

• Kerato-Refractometer, Non-Contact Tonometer and Pachymeter are now combined
in one single unit
• Fully Automated Measurement
•TRK-1P “P” Stands for pachymetry
Space Saving:
Combining the conventional Auto Regractometer / Keratometer with Tonometry and Pachymetry save the space of having two additional instruments. The TRK-1P has a small footprint and can be set up to export information to other devices and EMR systems, improving work flow.

Time Saving:
The TRK-1P saves your practive time. Moving the patient from one station to another is no longer required, and during the measurement process the operator is “hands free” to perform other tasks. Connectivity to the CV-5000 Automated Vision Tester allows for a quick and easy upload for subjective testing.

Fully Automated Measurement:
A sophisticated instrument does not have to be difficult to use. At the touch of a button, the TRK-1P automatically measures both eyes gathering valuable information accurately and quickly.
Accurate and Reliable Refractive Measurements:
With Topcon's exclusive Rotary Prism Technology, the TRK-1P provides unmatched accuracy and reliability. The innovative optical design incorporated into the TRK-1P allows for accurate and reliable measurements with a pupil as small as 2mm.
Softer Air Puff
The softer air puff used to measure improves patient with less stress and compliance during the measurement procedure. New and improved software controls the amount of air required for each individual eye.
Corneal Thickness Measurements:
The TRK-1P provides accurate and reliable intraocular pressure values. Studies show that the corneal thickness directly correlates to IOP measurements. The included pachymetry function assists the practitioner in evaluating the IOP related data.
Safety Mode:
The intelligent non-contact safety mode prevents the instrument from touching the patient's eyes during TONO/PACHY measurement. The instrument automatically calculates the distance to the eyes at REF/KRT measurement to safely perform TONO/PACHY procedure.

Reduced Nozzle Maintenance:
A new tonometer nozzle design helps to prevent debris from entering the chamber. This dramatically reduces the need for cleaning and maintenance.
Large Color Tilt Screen:
The new 6.5" VGA large color “tilt screen” LCD is dramatically improved for easier and smoother operations. It simultaneously displays the readings of both right and left eyes, and the settings menu with large color characters.
Fast, Easy-to-Load Thermal Printer:
Loading the thermal printer paper into the printer has never been easier. Just drop the printer paper into the receptacle and close the cover. The quick and quiet printer is ready to go. This improvement saves time and enhances workflow.
Auto Thermal Paper Cutter:
An added convenience is the automatic cutting of the printout after measurement