Trojan T3-OP infinite 222,8mm

Ref : 1976276-4-FM
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Trojan
Model : T3-OP
Number Of Colors : infinite
Size : 222,8mm
Year(s) : 2017
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Central and Eastern)
Last check : 03 Feb. 2021

digital inkjet high-speed printer for paper media (paperbags, boxes, cartons, envelopes, sheets) and wood. Speed 9m or 18m per minute. With custom-made vacuum operated dosing system (air compressor is not included).
Printing resolution 1600x800 or 1600x1600dpi
Printing width 222,8mm.
Maximum printing length 762mm or infinite with stitching
OEM solution for other integration options, e.g. reel to reel printing (newspapers, packaging).
Ethernet connection.
Internal computer with 4GB storage
Stainless steel body with aluminium frames.

additional information following to customer questions:
1. Trojan T3-OP module in metal cabinet with LCD touchscreen operation interface.

• 4 new ink tanks each 2l ink (C, M, Y, K)
• 6-8 print heads, each with minor damage, but suitable for specific size printing, marked
• 1 brand new print head
• wipe rollers, 3-5 pieces

conveyor and the feedier.
the air compressing unit
without the table

2. A standard compressor is needed, we use Fiac AB100-360M. Electricity 220V
3. All size standard automatic produced paper bags can be lifted, max. Number of suction heads is 4, that can be reduced for small sizes. Automatic lifting and sensor for empty feeding tray. Speed regulation for different size media. Manual mode for manual feeding (media that cannot be lifted by vacuum). Independent mounting of the dosing system from the conveyor table to exclude moving of the conveyor table during printing.
4. No cleaning device is mounted.
5. Price of ink
Ink: 997,5€ per 2l cartridge (4 is needed)
Printhead: 395€
Wiper roller: 50-60€
6- For software and firmware updates, can they be automatically downloaded from the operating system of the T3
7. Refilling the ink cartridges is theoretically possible. There is a screw cap on ink tanks that can be easily removed. A chip controls that only genuine ink cartridges are used.

Printing paper bags with various designs. The average consumption is approx. 300.000 bags with a set of 4x2l inks (CMYK), average cost per print is some 0,015€ (official ink 2l tank approx. 1000€)
print head can be used theoretically endlessly, but we see problems usually after 1,5-2l of ink has passed through them. Sometimes they are defect faster, if handling and maintenance is not good. Good care will prolong head lifetime.

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