Tug 660, Belt Loaders

Ref : 1667442-11-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Tug
Model : 660, Belt Loaders
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 10 Jan. 2020

1x Tug, 660, Belt Loaders

The heaviest chassis in its class
The central mounted conveyor is elevated
at both ends by lift arms that are activated
by single-stage, double-acting cylinders
The front of the conveyor operates
at heights between 40 and 170 inches
(1.02 and 4.32 m) while the height at the rear
of the unit can be adjusted between
13 and 37 inches (0.33 and 0.94 m)
The Tug 660 belt loader is equipped
with belt controls operable from either end
of the conveyor and an interlock prevents
the engine throttle from being advanced
for adjustment of belt speed unless
the Direction Control is in neutral
A guide on each side of the conveyor assembly
can be retracted if a clear conveyor surface is required
A collapsible safety rail is fitted on the side of the conveyor
and an emergency hydraulic pump is fitted as standard

Standard Features
• Recessed LED headlights
• Combination LED tail and stop lights
• LED back-up lights
• Automatic transmission
• All hydraulic hoses rated at 2250 psi
• Non-slip surface on fenders

Dimensions :
Length 300″ (7620 mm)
Width excluding side bumpers 78″ (1981.2 mm)
Height 60″ (1524 mm)
Wheelbase 109″ (2768.6 mm)
Conveyor length less front bumper 294″ (7467.6 mm)
Conveyor width less guide rails 34″ (863.6 mm)
Conveyor capacity at full incline 2000 lb (907 kg)
Belt width 24″ (609.6 mm)
Door sill compatibility 40 to 170″ (1016.0 to 4318.0 mm)
Conveyor speed 45-90 fpm (13.7 to 27.4 mpm)
Gross vehicle weight 6800 lb (3084.4 kg)
Turning radius Chassis 260 “ (6600 mm)
Turning radius w/conveyor 300” (7620 mm)

Engine :
Type Perkins 1104C-44 Diesel Tier II Water-cooled
direct injected, in-line, 4 cylinder
Fuel Diesel or Jet A (with additive)
Displacement 269 CID (4.4 L)
Governed rpm with full load 2400
Net brake hp at governed rpm 86 (64kW)
Torque at 1400 rpm 222 lb ft (302 Nm)

Transmission :
Type GM 4L70 Automatic Four-Speed Overdrive
with a Mechanical Torque Converter Clutch
Diesel 3 forward, 1 reverse
Shift Control Shifter: SINGLE LEVER
Maximum speed 25-28 mph (35-40 km/h)
Drive Axle
Type Dana 60 Series limited slip differential
Gear ratio 7.17:1
Suspension Solid mount
Capacity 6000 lb (2721.1 kg)
Drive Shaft
Type Double universal, sliding spline coupling

Electrical system :
Type 12 V, negative ground
Alternator 91A
Cooling system
Engine 15 qt (14.2 L)
Heavy duty radiator and fan
Transmission Radiator cooled
Fuel system
Fuel cell capacity 15.50 gal (58.67 L)

Brakes :
System Dual split system with hydraulic assist
Front Disc
Rear Drum
Parking Lever operated, drum type
Steering System
Type Orbitrol-operated hydraulic cylinder
(hydrostatic steering)

Tires :
Front 8.00 x 16.5 TUG TUFF
Back 8.00 x 16.5 TUG TUFF
Front Solid mount
Rear Solid mount
Hydraulic System
System pressure 1500 psi max
Filter Return line with element condition indicator
Conveyor Electric
hydraulic power unit to raise conveyor

Instruments :
Water temperature
Oil pressure
Hour meter

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