Sancassiano, Ulma Pizza production line

Ref : 2116340-7-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Sancassiano, Ulma
Model : Pizza production line
Year(s) : 2015
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 15 Jun. 2020

Capacity: 3500 pizzas per hour, depending on recipe / baking time
Line consisting of:
2x Mon Fabric silo, indoor installation, 27 tons each, air transport
Dosing computer
Weighing bunker with dosing system
1x Sancassiano mixer, model Genesi GSE430
4x Stainless steel movable bowls
1x Sancassiano bowl lifter, model ER2, discharge height 5.2 meter
Trivi sheeting and pizza bottom line
3 Roll extruder
Discharge belt
Flour duster
Press roller
Incline belt + flour duster
Multi roll unit
Flour duster
Cross roller
Incline belt + flour duster
1st calibrator
Side slicers
Incline belt + flour duster
2nd calibrator
Flour removal brush
Side slicer
Docking roller
3 Row cutting roller 26cm
Dough resting belt
Dough scrap removal
Tomato spray-depositor
Transport to oven
Starrat stone plate pizza oven, model A-237 TC/1504
Baking surface: 1 x 13 meter
13 burners
4 chimneys
2x Trivi waterfall topping applicator for meat/cheese etc.
Rest return system with return belt
1x Spice decorator
1x Spiral cooler
Belt width 1 meter
10 levels
Distance between levels – 12cm
KFL Cold climate system

1x Spiral freezer
Belt width 1 meter
9 levels
Distance between levels – 12cm
KFL freezer system
Cold equipment with BOGE compressors, model 61-3
Discharge with 2 incliners, 90 degree curved retracting belt

Transport to Ulma TFE 700
Foil transport under
Pizza bottom lay up
Foil transport top
Foil closure
2 Foil cutting units with rest foil remover
Transport to carton bagger – Prodec carton bagger
Carton storage
Carton forming
Carton filling with pizza bottoms
Carton glue closure
Manual take of cartons
Robopac palletizer

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