Universal Advantis Advantis AC-30 L 4983A

Ref : 2214289-9-GO
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Universal Advantis
Model : Advantis AC-30 L 4983A
Year(s) : 2007
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)

Machine Specifications:
Operational Software: Microsoft Windows 2000 5.00 Service Pack 4
Software Type Machine Version: UPS+
Fiducial Camera Type: Frame RS170 1.0 per pixel
Component Camera Type:Head 1 Firewire 1394A 0.8 per pixel & FirewireA 2.9 per pixel
Beams/Gantries: 1
Head Type: 30-spindle Lightning Head
Nozzle Changer Inventory: 140
PCB Flow: Left to Right
Placement Rate: 33,600 MAX CPH
PCB Dimensions: Length 50.8mm to 508mm Width 90mm to 355mm
X, Y Motor Type: Screw Ball
Conveyor Type: Single Conveyor
Rail Width Control Type: Automatic
PVS Bar Coding: Yes (Optional)
Voltage: 200-240VAC Nominal
Pressure: 90 Psi
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Full Load Current: 30 Amps

Max CPH: 33,600
CPH/m^2: 15,170
1608 CPH – Single Lane board Handling: 21,000

Component Capabilities
Min Component: 0603mm (0201”)
Max Component (square): 12mm
Min Component Pitch: 0.1mm (0.004”)
Min Ball Dia.: 109um
Placement Force(grams): 200 ± 20%
Special Vac Nozzle (Oddform): No
Gripper Nozzle (Oddform): No

Board Handling Max Board Size
Standard (L x W) (mm): 508 x 457
Load Time(s) - Standard: 3
Optional (L x W) (mm): 635 x 457
Load Time(s) - Optional: 6
Dual Lane Option: No

8mm Input: 136
12mm Input: 68
16mm Input: 34
Bank Change: Yes
Splicing: Yes

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