US Hoist Self Propelled 15

Ref : 1974602-10
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : -
Model : US Hoist Self Propelled 15
Year(s) : 2016
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
United States (USA)
Last check : 19 Mar. 2019
Price : $69000

New 15-ton Self-Propelled Motorized Trailer Diesel, remote-control
90-degree steering, all-wheel drive, frontal steering, backward
steering, diagonal movement, lateral movement. No vectoring, 90-
degree steering is excellent for moving boats in tight yards. Self-
leveling hydraulic supports for uneven terrain conform to the
shape of any hull.Sailboat cradle and extensions are available for
additional. Needs 3 weeks to ship.