Waters e2695 Alliance HPLC Separations System

Ref : 2077042-18-GO
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Waters
Model : e2695 Alliance
Short Description : HPLC Separations System
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)
Last check : 10 Jan. 2020

Waters e2695 Separation Module
Waters 2998 Photodiode Arrady Detector

3 Pc. Separations System include:
(1) Alliance e2695 Separations Module,
(1) Column Heater G14SMC 659G
(1) Model 2998 Photodiode Array Detector

Computer with Empower 3 is included
Computer has been tested with the unit
All the pieces connect to the computer via ethernet switch
Sample manager has 5 carousels with 24 wells for 2mL vials for a total of 120 vials.
Temperature range is 4 to 40 °C
0.1 to 100 uL typical injection volume, but up to 2mL with addition of 2mL sample loop.
Solvent manager for 4 solvents
All solvents are degassed
Maximum operating pressure is 5000 PSI
0.05 to 5 mL/min flow rate typically, but absolute limits are 0 to 10 mL/min
Column heater/cooler has a temperature range between 4 and 65 °C
Columns up to 30mm Length and 7.8mm ID can fit in this unit
Up to 4 columns can fit in this heater/cooler
Columns can be plumbed in series
Column selection valve can select between 6 different columns
PDA detector 2998
Brand new lamp!
Can record single wavelength and full spectrum information simultaneously
The PDA has a TaperSlit flow cell

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