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Manufacturer : Weco
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AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)
Last check : 03 Aug. 2018

Weco Edge 450 Patternless Edging System is a fully automatic and integrated tracing, blocking & edging system. The Edge 450 is easy to learn, simple to operate, and incredibly accurate. Set to cut, polish and groove CR-39, Poly & High Index lenses. The Weco Trace II provides automatic stylus insertion and traces frames and lenses easily and accurately! A and B, as well as frame curve and tilt are recorded in true 3-D form. The Weco Cad II provides lens layout, decentration and blocking with absolute accuracy for all blocking procedures. Parallax free image regardless of lens curve and optical power. Weco edgers are truly built like no other. Weco sets the standard for long lasting, precision built optical machinery used the world over. This system is in immaculate condition and comes complete with leap adapter, high power submersible coolant system and accessories.