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EUROPE (Central and Eastern)

A tempering furnace at the later stage of the carburizing and hardening process ensures uniform temperature distribution by hot air circulation in the furnace. This is achieved by means of a large capacity fan and soaking plates. Two series are available for high temperature applications and low temperature applications. Steam Tempering Furnace This steam temper furnace is most suitable for oxide sealing process and homo treatment. MoldathermĀ® heater and the alloy muffle realize excellent temperature control and improve energy efficiency. Continuous AnnealingNormalizing Furnace
Continuous Annealing Furnace Normalizing Furnace With this type of furnace, continuous heat treatment of any kind of material is possible. The vacuum-purge type tray-pusher bright annealing furnace has been well-received for its value-added production. Strand Conveyor Furnace
Strand Conveyor Furnace This furnace is used for annealing wires of various materials such as stainless steel and Nichrome. Compared with conventional brick furnaces, running cost is greatly reduced and coolingheating time is shortened. Aluminum-Light Alloy Treating Furnace

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