WSM Wash Line

Ref : 2032288-6-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : WSM
Model : Wash Line
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)
Last check : 22 Jul. 2020

Complete PVC/PET Plastics Wash, Grinding and Sorting System.
From bales to sorted clean flake.
Includes: dual polymer recovery wash lines, MSS Aladdin optical sorter.
High capacity bale breaker.
X1400 Cumberland granulator. 150 HP, Sterling elutriation sortation system, 48" Eddy current separator, drum magnet and bag filling stations.
Bail Breaker; Re: The WSM Model 3-85 Bale Breaker is sized and configured to de-construct PET bales at a capacity to 10,000 Ibs. per hour.

Item Description :
WSM Model 3-85 Bale Breaker (serial number: 14511)
Unit includes three(3) main shredder rotor assemblies mounted in steel housing, and two (2) lower pinch roller assemblies to break up clumps.
Infeed opening is approx. 72" high x 85" wide. Includes 20 HP shaft mounted gear reducer drive mechanism
for upper rotors and dual 5 HP shaft mounted gear reducer drives for pinch rollers.
Pinch rollers are mounted to a pivoting mechanism with pressure controlled by an air cylinder.
Lower two (2) rolls of the three main shredder rotor assemblies will have replaceable cutting tips.
All rotor bearings plumbed to a central grease location.
Belt Infeed Conveyor (serial number: 290511)
lider belt conveyor with 84" wide by 18' long belt, head pulley, tail pulley, take-up assembly, and 1 HP gear reducer drive.
Motor is inverter duty for use with VFD. Includes support structure.
Access Platform - Provides one side full length access to the belt conveyor, Bale Breaker Anti-Jam Control - with auto reverse.
Starter for bale breaker, HP VFD reversing starter for belt infeed, (2) 5 HP FVNR starters for pinch rollers, 2. Over & Under Sorter, CP Manufacturing
This is a "fines" screen that separates large from small (fines). 3. Optical Sorter, Aladdin Designed for high-capacity
optical sorting of plastic bottles by resin type and color, MSS Inc's Aladdin, standard module, generates two or three output streams from one input stream.
4. Grinder, Cumberland Cumberland X1400 with a 120 hp motor. 5-6 Plasticycle East and West (2) wash line
The heart of the PlastiCycler system is the G3 Washer/Dryer.
The washer/dryer has a horizontal, multi-sectioned, rotating drum enclosed in perforated or solid stainless steel skins.
As the drum rotates, material is introduced at the in-feed end and flows through a series of processes including some
or all of the following: wash, rinse, de-water, and drying stages Vibratory screeners by MidWestern Inds. MR3658-12, -Gyra-Vibe MR
Water heaters by WMS each at 990,000 BTU/Hr, 1020 gph, Supporting conveyers, Rapistan model S6539-22455, Elutriation system w/ 4 towers

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