Ref : 2279420-14-GO
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : -
Year(s) : 2019
Quantity : 1
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EUROPE (Central and Eastern)

Brand Xion
mobile endoscopic system
perfect technical condition (only 30 tests were performed)
ENDOFLEX is an integrated system for rapid ENT diagnostics
It was designed for specialists looking for compact and mobile solutions
ensuring at the same time high quality of performed tests
Easy and intuitive operation of the endoscopic system is ensured by a touch panel and automatic activation after removing the instrument from the holder
Full endoscopic diagnostics of the ear, nose, throat and nasopharynx
Flexible device interface allows easy integration with your equipment
The modular design of EndoFLEX enables the free organization of the workplace depending on the preferences and requirements of a specialist, facilitating activities related to diagnostics

The kit includes:
All-in-One Matrx DS Medical Computer:
Used, perfect technical condition,
Power supply: 230 V,
Frequency: 50/60 Hz,
Power: 110 W,
A computer with a medical certificate that can work in the conditions of an operating room,
Efficient and fast processors and advanced graphic controllers allow for archiving and processing of photo and video materials,
Control is possible via the touch panel or using the included wireless keyboard and mouse,
Dedicated Mini DiVAS video recording and archiving software:
It allows you to manage the patient database, analyze test data, create advanced reports for the patient, and perform detailed analyzes of the recorded material.
In addition, it allows you to compare test results from different sessions and full integration with hospital HIS / PACS networks,

Xion Madical EV-NC Videonasopharyngoscope:
Innovative optical module,
Slim, ergonomic, precise,
This flexible videoendoscope combines: camera, light source, optics and microphone,
Precise optics ensure good-quality, high-contrast imaging,
The ability to connect the videonasopharyngoscope to the control device with one cable allows for easy and ergonomic work.
The symmetrically designed handle is equally comfortable for right- and left-handed people,

Technical data:
Working channel: none,
Part diameter working: 3.4 mm,
Working length: 320 mm,
Up / down bend: 130 ° / 130 °,
Field of view: 80 °,
Field depth: 30 - 100 mm,

Integrated with the handle makes it easy to navigate and works great as a mobile system in every office
Equipped with a basket and hangers for accessories
Five-star base on double wheels with brakes
Sterilizable tubes for easy transport of the sterile endoscope to the patient and safe return of the contaminated endoscope after use
Radio foot controller

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