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1 x Cognetex preparation line, yoc 1994 consisting of: Re-breaker SMC 11V 1.passage SC 11V 2.passage SCE 1... Year(s) : 1990, 1994 Location : EUROPE (Western and Northern)

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N.01 Gill Box Cognetex , mod. SC 400 11 VA , year 1992 , autoleveller , combs head with rotary flange dri... Year(s) : 1992 Location : EUROPE (Western and Northern)

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<b>1 x Cognetex SMVC 11 Rebreaker year 1990 </b> Cans 1000x1200 Creel 32 bobbins Year(s) : 1990 Location : EUROPE (Western and Northern)

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You can find used Preparation (wool, acrylic, linen,...) on Wotol

The main manufacturers of Preparation (wool, acrylic, linen,...) are Nsc schlumberger, Cognetex, Sant’Andrea, Sant Andrea, Seydel, Rolando, Ommi, Rite, Savio, St eloi, Balkan, Befama, Dettin, Dietze & Schell.

You will find all machines used in wool preparation
Gill box GN5, GN12, GC14, GC15, RVC 11V, RVC 22V, SHS-24, DSN ARM
Combers such as Era, PB31, PB30, PB29, PB28, P90,
Breaker TB11, SMVC 11, RST21 rebreaker FM8 and FM10 finishers, FMV32, FRC300 finisher, RF2B SC 400/11VA, SC 410 VA Intersecting.

In this categories the HS cose used can be  8445 12 00 and 8445 in general
HS code 8445 - Machines for preparing textile fibres; spinning, doubling or twisting machines and other machinery for producing textile yarns; textile reeling or winding (including weft-winding) machines and machines for preparing textile yarns for use on the machines of heading 84.46 or 84.47. 
HS code 8445 12 00 Combing machines




Questions and answers between users

Q: How many containers do we need for loading your used Mackie Linen (Flax) Long Fibre Preparation Systems for Wetspun Yarn Production with  4 sets of drawing frames, roving frame and doubling frame.
A: A total of 6x40“ DC (dry container) sea containers are required. Machines are dismanteld in 12 wooden boxes 1250 x 4300 x 1550 mm. In one container is possible to fit two boxes.
On top of boxes also each machine left and right side walls and electric motors. These items are probably possible to load with boxes in to the same container.

Q: I have seen 2 used NSC GC-15 One head one can (1000 X 1200) and one NSC GC-15 Ball head with auto leveller .What is the meaning for ball head?
A: In our NSC GC-15 Ball head ,this means one head with ball delivery

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