10 Sulzer G6500 B190 N4 SP 190 Cm Fimtextile dobby SP7

Ref : 2427102-1-GO
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Sulzer
Model : G6500 B190 N4 SP
Width : 190 Cm
Motion (dobby, Cam, Taffetas) : Fimtextile dobby SP7
Year(s) : 2006
Quantity : 10
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Central and Eastern)

• Direct drive with inverter (with brake, without clutch) allows for speed adjustment during operation
• Creep speed generated by inverter.
• Control and monitoring of all important machine parameters by a central microprocessor
• Maximal user friendliness by a touch screen terminal, capable of internet communication, with clear text display and browser technology
• Electronically controlled let-off with servo motor
• Pre-winder switch-over-function weft feeders at package end
• Electrical weft cutter
• Electronically controlled cloth take-up with servo motor
• Variable weft density in the same fabric piece, cloth fell correction synchronized with let-off
• Automatic pick finding
• Circulatory lubrication with electronically monitored filter system
• Shedding by electronically controlled dobby Sulzer Textile type SP7(guarantee period of 3 years)
• Frame drive for 16 heald frames
• DRC4 heald frame connection
• Clamping link ERGO- adjustable
• Provided for heald frames Extra 13-inch 16 x 2,1 mm
• Provided for power supply of 400 volt
• Provided for power frequency 50 Hz
• Machine position for warp beam-diameter 1000 mm
• Warp beam flange diameter 1000 mm
• Step board on warp side
• Warp beam bearing ground designed to mount full warp beams
• Adapter for EURO- warp beam
• Whip roller positive with brake, with deflection roller
• With load cell 220 kg for back rest roller
• Let off gearing for weft density range 6- 100 picks/cm
• With draw-off device for excessive warp threads
• Warp stop motion, type Actex A625C, 6 contact rails 25 mm pitch, for 2 sector display
• Contact bar type, symmetrically teethed
• Retaining rod for warp stop motion
• Provided for 1 width weaving
• Electric selvedge forming unit l.h and r.h
• Electrical selvedge cutting l.h and r.h
• Needle cylinder for medium application and auxiliary selvedge rings
• For every 4 stationery end packages L/R, without bobbins
• Temple with cylindrical temple
• Weft insertion with rapier on supporting teeth without guide elements in warp shed
• Sensing head standard
• With weft feeder pre information CAN
• Rapier tape guide
• Machine width- 500 mm
• R.h rapier short, with latch toothed
• L.h. rapier with u-clamping flat spring 0,6 mm/(loose) 0,5+0,7
• Cloth takes up coated with Corundum 100
• One press roller
• Press rollers with rubber smooth NBE
• Without cloth wind-up (provided for batch winder)

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