2 Others MAV-6, Vacuum Heat Setter

Ref : 1126178-1
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Others
Short Description : MAV-6, Vacuum Heat Setter
Year(s) : 1997, 1998
Quantity : 2
Location : Seller or machines location:
ASIA (North East)
Last check : 02 Jun. 2014

2-Sets MARUI's Cubical
Type Vacuum Heat Setter
1997 and 1998 Year
Model MAV-6

Equipped with 1 Miura's 750kg/hour EH750F Boiler
and 1 Miura's 1000kg/hour E1000F Steam Boilers
and with Complete with Standard Accessories

Model MAV-6
Max. allowable pressure 760mmHg
Working Temp. range: 50 - 90Deg.
Body size 1600 x 2300 x 1600mm
Inside Volume 6.94m3
Voltage: 200V / 50Hz
Setting Capacity (Yarn Weight):

Cylinders/Bobbins of 145 dia x 177h = 840 pcs (630kgs)
165 dia x 177h = 672 pcs (840kgs)

Vacuum Pump SW-200 type x 2 Motor 7.5kw x 2
Water Consumption 16 ltrs x 2 /min.
Steam Apparatus / Consumption: 300kg/hr / 98kg per batch
Air Compressor Motor Cap: 0.2kw (with)
Hydraulic Pump Motor Cap: 0.4kw
Electricity Apparatus: 16kw
Electric Consumption: 5kw per batch

1. Setting is easy by loading together with the carriage
2. Space required for installation is only about a quarter of the conventional type
3. Box-shaped structure has an advantage of capacity
4. Stands high pressure, with set temperatures available upto 135Deg.C.
5. Free from radiation heat
6. The independant bulkhead inside body keeps work from staining
7. Vacuum system is of original design ensuring high efficiency, power saving, and good stability
8. Each gauging instrument has a digital indicator, which serves to eliminate mis-settings
9. The internal-pressure guage gives a clear digital read-out
10. The pressure oscillator detects the degree of vacuum to prevent irregular settings caused by shortage of vacuum
11. All operations are automated, which ensures uniform settings
12. A unit with the standard specifications permits selecting between single and double setting modes at any desired temperature

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