30 Others HLZ Fancy yarn gilling machine

Ref : 803766-1
Condition : New
Manufacturer : Others
Model : HLZ
Short Description : Fancy yarn gilling machine
Year(s) : 2001
Quantity : 30
Location : Seller or machines location:
ASIA (China - Taiwan - HKG)
Last check : 18 Aug. 2017

Brand: HL
HLZ Fancy Tops Machine adopted step, PLC and touching screen to produce two to six colors wool sliver that the color changed step by step and can mix the six different material slivers according to the proportion. The production can feed to roving frame, ring spinning machine and fancy yarn machine to spin fancy wool yarn and fancy yarn.
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No. of gill box:1
Type of gill: the staggered form
Type of front roller: Φ67*200mm*68 Gauge (Big Roller)
Φ24*200mm*32 Gauge (Small Roller)
Type of front roller: Φ78*190mm (Covered by rubber)
Type of rear roller: Φ53*210mm*50 Gauge
Pressurization form of front roller: atmospheric pressure
No. of feeding base sliver: 2
Input pre-draft ratio: 1.22
No. of output sliver: 2
Size of feeding Cans:Φ600*900mm
Size of outlet Cans:Φ400*900mm
Max input weight: 20g/m
Front roller outlet sliver speed: 70m/min
Manner of stable length auto-stop: electricity
Manner of breaker: electricity
Power: 2.2 kw
Weight f machine: approx. 1700kgs
Dimension: 4400*1380*2200mm (not including cans)

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