5 Murata Mach coners 7-V

Ref : 2362002-1-AS
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Murata
Short Description : Mach coners
Model : 7-V
Year(s) : 2001
Quantity : 5
Location : Seller or machines location:
ASIA (North East)
Last check : 10 Jan. 2022

Bobbin Tray type

Machine direction R-Hand (2-Kinds) ..... 1 set
L-Hand (2-Kinds) ....... 1 set
Frame size 60-Spindles
Yarn Count Range 20 - 60Ne
Unit pitch Standard 320mm
Blower Exhaust Downward
Blow Cleaner Type Luwa D Type (1500W)
Take-Up Angle* 6" - 5Deg57Min. (with lifter)
Winding Drum 6" Cone - 2.5Wind
Surface of Drum Steel
Take-up bobbin Paper - 17.3mm dia. x 46.5mm dia. x 180.5mm
Overall length of 6"
of take-up bobbin 175 - 182mm
Nose Shape of 6" cone bobbin roll nose
Thickness of take-up bobbin 0.8 - 2.0mm
Package Cradle Yoke type
Cradle Weight With
Guide plate for bunch With
Max. Package Dia. 300dia. / 6" Cone
Supply Bobbin / Length Spinning bobbin / 210mm length
Empty Bobbin Conveyor With
Yarn Sensor Electric Photo Sensor Type
Gate Feeler 4 - 5 type ...Standard
Winding Speed 500 - 1,500 m/min.
* Single Inverter System for Speed Control
Balloon Breaker Triangle
Reserve Bobbin 3 per spindle
Suction Mouth Top Comb
Cutter Material Ceramic
Air Splicer G3S Mach-Splicer
Splicer Head Cassette type
Waxing Device Included
Miss join memory Standard - 3times
Type of Electronic Yarn Clearer Uster QUANTUM IMK C15 F23 (FFD)
Package Conveyor Standard
Package Conveyor Stopper Section
Package Brake With...With Cradle Lifter
Tension Release With
Kink Preventor With
Automatic Package Doffer - AD With
CBF Yarn End Finding Capacity: 35 bobbins per minute
Yarn Length Counter MMC/3 type (with Mini Printer)
Electronic Power Voltage 380V
Power Frequency 50Hz
Time of Delivery Prompt
Photographs of the Machine Attached
No. of Containers for shipment 2 x 40feeters

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