Aeromatic PMA 25/10

Ref : 2462730-18-W
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Aeromatic
Model : PMA 25/10
Short Description : -
Year(s) : 1993
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)

Gross volume 25 Lt. and the other bowl 10 lt.
Normal working volume 15 Lt for the 25 lt bowl and 6 lt for the 10 lt
Average granulated batch weight max. 10 Kg. for the 25 lt bowl and 3 kg for the 10 lt.
Impeller speed 243/486 RPM 25 lt and 300/ 600 RPM for 10 lt
Impeller motor capacities 4/5.5 kW 25 lt and 1.5/ 2.2 kW for 10 lt
Granulator speeds 1500/3000 RPM
Granulator motor capacity 1.3/1.8 kW
The powder are circulated and fluidized by the mail impeller .
Small ingredientes and agglomerates are dispersed by high velocity
collisions between individual powder particles.
The high shearing granulator also assists with dry mixing
and the dispersion of the granulating media over
the surface of each powder particle followed by a rolling action
which “snow-balls” the wet particles into granule without forming lumps .
The intensive mixing action of pharma mixer is mainly achieved
by powder particles shearing and colliding with each other
and to a lesser extent by the impact of powder particles against
the metal surfaces .
This intensive action , together with the positive vortex circulation of the powder ,
breaks down agglomerates and disperses
less than 0.5% of an ingredient in 1 - 3 minutes .

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