Apple pitting machine are affordable

Ref : 2025119-7
Condition : New
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Short Description : Apple pitting machine are affordable
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Price : 2000

1. This new turn plate pitting machine is an upgrade and transformation on the original basis.After upgrading, the wear resistance of the equipment is strong, not easy to damage parts.
2. The base plate of the new turn plate pitting machine is made of food-grade silica gel peel bowl, which does not damage the fruit.At the same time, it overcomes the danger of the needle-seat type and the weakness of the complex operation of the plate-pressing type.
3. High rate of kernel removal.The pore size was small, and the preserved pulp was abundant.
4. The bottom of the equipment is equipped with moving wheel and brake pad device, which is convenient to move and fix.
5. The case is sealed with stainless steel, beautiful and elegant.The equipment for manufacturers direct sales, price concessions, after-sales improvement, quality assurance.