Bargstedt, Homag Format and Edge Processing System

Ref : 2297415-15-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Bargstedt, Homag
Model : Format and Edge Processing System
Year(s) : 2007
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)

The system is ideal for small batches up to 1 piece
The system is in very good condition and available immediately.

Consisting of:

01 HOMAG loading table
PROFI TB 10/15/20

02 Double-sided HOMAG format processing and
one-sided edge banding machine.
PROFI KFL623 / 25/05 / QA / 30

03 Workpiece circulation

04 Bargstedt destacking PROFI TSP410 / DG / 30/12
one-sided lengthways
Left hand version

The workpieces are loaded manually via air cushion tables.
The parts have 1 - 4 revolutions.
All the necessary information is transmitted by the Homag master computer.
Workpieces longer than 3000 mm are removed manually behind the machine.
All other formats are transported and rotated.
After the last pass, the parts are stacked via a portal.
Parts smaller than 280 mm wide are only returned in the longitudinal direction and
also only stacked manually at the corner transfer.
The sequence of the workpieces must ensure a stable stack.

1.1 Processing material
Chipboard raw
Chipboard plastic-coated
Veneered chipboard
Top layer overhang max: 20 mm

1.2 workpiece dimensions
Min. Length: 280 mm
Max length: 3000 mm
with workpiece overhang: 40 mm
Width min .: 85 mm
Width max .: 1200 mm
Min.thickness: 8 mm
Max thickness: 60 mm
Special workpiece dimensions: Narrow parts are run with overhang 30.

1.3 Edge materials
1.3.1 Strip goods
Solid wood thickness: 12 mm
Veneer thickness: 0.6mm

1.3.2 Roller materials
Melamine thickness: 0.4mm
Paper thickness: 0.4mm
Veneer thickness: 0.6mm
ABS thickness: 2 + 3 mm

1.4 Groove and rebate dimensions
Grooves / folds from above
Grooves / folds from below

Passage of the work pieces straight edge lengthways and crossways

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