Barmag POY / FOY Filament spinning machine

Ref : 875089-1
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Barmag
Model : POY / FOY Filament spinning machine
Year(s) : 1988
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 20 Jun. 2013

Filament production equipment for sale
Installation year: 1988
Field of application: Filament spinning machine – POY / FOY
Machine capacity: 1.300 to/a
Number of ends: 64
Spin-Titre range: 50 - 130 dtex
Shroud: 80,5 mm
Convergance length: 97 + 202 cm
Quench length: 104 cm
Max. Bobbin weight: 21 kg
Chips drying: Fixed bed dryer with integrated puls bed for cristallization
Extruder: Barmag 9E4, 90 mm diameter
Spin-pumps: Barmag 4x1,2 – 14 to 56 g/min
Finish-pumps: MAHR 8x0,08 – 0,8 to 4 g/min
Winder: Barmag SW46 1S-800, 800 mm chuck length, 4 bobbins
Additive dosing: Gravimetric 2-component feeder (main comp. + 1 additive)

Special sales conditions:
Machines and equipment are sold without pack internals (filters, screens, sand) or drawings of the same.
Spinning machines are sold without spinnerettes or drawings of the same.
Machines are sold without automatisation (PCS, DCS) hardware or software.
Available spare parts are separate to agree.
All technical specifications, descriptions, illustrations, drawings, weights and measures, makes, models,
years of manufacture and performance figures as well as information on condition, fixed and loose
accessories, given both verbally and in writing, that are part of the offers are only approximations, unless
they have been expressly stated as being binding.

Following components have been removed for internal use:
Inverters for spin pump drives

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