Bausch & Stroebel FFV6010

Ref : 2408312-5-W
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Bausch & Stroebel
Model : FFV6010
Year(s) : 2005
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)

Filling and closing machine designed
for the simultaneaous processing of 6 vials or oter small stable bottles of glass or plastic.

Working Sequence
-Feeding of the vials into the machine by a machine upstream or by manual bulk loading into a rotary table, an RPE BI-FLOW conveyor or an infeed belt with a feed screw.
- Separation of the vials by an infeed star wheel and transfer to the transport star wheel
- Dosing filling
- Closing with rubber stopper dropper insertion etc…
Discharge star wheel with transfer to the following machine or magazine loading unit .

Dosing :
The dosing station is equipped with with 6 valveless rotary piston pumps .
Thes pumps are made of two parts only and are hight-quality precision tolls which guarantee excellent dosing precision.
They are easy to remove , clean and sterilize – as are all the parts which are in contact with the product.
Depending on the product to be dispensed, the pumps may be made of stainless steel, glass or ceramics.
The CIP SIP version of the dosing units ( cleaning in place – sterilizing in place ) permits the cleaning and sterilizing of the entire dosing system without dismantling and assembly.
The central dose adjustment and the individual fine adjustment for eache pum are done by micrometer screws.
A photo cell at the infeed checks each transport pocket for the presence of a vial and controls the dosing pumps and the closing tools according to the principle “ no bottle – no filling – no closure”.

Sorting bowls and vibratory tracks feed the stoppers, dropper inserts, etc… automatically and with low particle generation . The insertion tolls pick up the stoppers by vacuum and set them precisely in the bottle opening.
All the parts in contact with the stoppers are easy to clean ad sterilize.
They can be removed and assembled effortlessly .

Size change
Resetting the machine for a different container or closure size even under clean room conditions, is simple and quick due to :
- The exchange of complete size parts
- - finely adjustable height setting

Year of construction : 1987
3.5 kw - 50 hz - 24 v - 220/380 1780 kg

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