Benninger BEN-SIZETEC 220cm

Ref : 1528364-1-GO
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Benninger
Width : 220cm
Year(s) : 1994, 1995
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 18 Feb. 2020


Nr.1 sectional beam un-winder desk model SWA with load cell for the exit tension.
Max diameter of the beam 1000mm
Un-winder electro-pneumatic regulation brake lining

Nr.1 sectional cloth rollers un-winder desk for 20 positions

Nr.1 sizing unit (marne) TDK W.2200mm (W.2400 between the cylinders)
Stainless steel tube – capacity 240L – with heated with direct steam
Reserve tube with double bottom with indirect heating
Mobile bulkhead for lever regulation.
Direct and automatic feeding of sizing
Marne composed by:
- Introduction group with 3 rollers. Take-up rubber rollers 205mm diameter and 2 accompany rollers in stainless steel.
- Nr.2 diving cylinders (squeezing by springs)
- Nr.2 sets of squeezing cylinders, in hard rubber, diameter 205mm
- Automatic regulation of squeezing pressure.
- Nr.1 drive Handimat

Nr.1 division of humid cotton by 2 bars. Load cell for tension control

Nr.1 drying machine with cylinders model ZT8 – W.220
Nr.8 drying cylinders (Nr.2 with teflon)
Nr.4 temperature regulations
Nr.2 fan with chimney
Nr.1 dancing cylinder electronic pneumatic in the exit + tension control
Nr.1 oiling and waxing device model CV

Nr.1 desc/division area at dry cotton with Nr.7 bars for sectional beams and Nr.19 for direct warp.

Nr.1 residual humidity control and device MAHLO type RMS-7S

Nr.1 beam winding at high production model BB for beam till ø1000mm included:
- Warp take-up group at 3 cylinders
- Nr.1 pressing device
- Nr.1 automatic beam load and unload with adapter for Vamatex and Dornier
- Nr.1 expanding reed with lowing cylinder and checking mirror
- Nr.1 lighting for beams
- Nr.1 Handimat
- Nr.1 application tape device
- Nr.1 dust aspiration device

Nr.1 BEN SIZETEC process automatizzator included:
- Hardware with primary elaborator and hardware PLC
- Software primary elaborator and software PLC (Siemens S5 – CPU 928B)

Electrical box external of the machine.

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