Cincinnati Milacron

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Manufacturer : Cincinnati Milacron
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AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)
Last check : 10 Jan. 2020

1988 Cincinnati Milacron Model RHB-W
PET two-step stretch-blow molder!
Immaculate condition! 4500 bottles per hour!
This machine will not last long! Priced right !!!

Combine this in-stock fully automated ^PET stretch blow molding line
with one of our in-stock fully automated preform manufacturing lines
for a fuuly automated ^PET resin to bottle manufacturing system:
- see our Husky XL300P complete preform manufacturing system, reference number 10077


Preform Loading System
* Handling four at a time, preforms are loaded neck-up in heat-dissipating
aluminum collets. Adjustable guides and drivers and easily changed collet
sleeves accommodate various neck finishes, capping ring diameters and
preform lengths.
* Hardened steel cams provide longer life for loading, indexing and ejecting

SPECTRAWAV Heating System
* Firmly seated in the oven collets, preforms rotate continously as they index
through Cincinnati Milacronís unique SPECTRAWAV heating system.
* The new “T” section quartz lamp placement, coupled with Cincinnati Milacron’s
pulsating controller, provides more uniform heating across the preform wall
and improved profiling capabilities. This results in lower energy and blow
air pressure requirements and long lamp life.
* Optimum processing parameters are attainable by means of adjustments of
individual lane water baffles, the equilibration zone, and the dual air
exhaust system.

Control Systems
* Centralized controls simplify startup and allow monitoring of all vital
machine operations from the operator station.
* The SPECTRAWAV oven control system with LED temperature readouts and the
oven conveyor speed control are located at the operator station for
convenient single-station machine control.

Preform Pickup and Transfer System
* A simple, high speed chain conveyor system with a Ferguson cam operated index
box for accurate conveyor movement provides smooth conveying of the preforms
from the oven to the blow station, then to the eject station, and back to the
oven loading station.
* The transfer system transports the heated preforms from the oven and positions
them on spindles. The spindles hold the preforms on the inside diameter of
the finish. This insures the preform finish is protected during the blow
molding and ejection.
* The chain conveyor system provides low cost replacement parts and eases of

High Pressure Blow Air Station
* High production and versatility are both possible through the use of high
quality, watercooled, aluminum alloy blow molds.
* Dovetail mounting makes mold alignment and changeover easy.
* Uniformly dispersed, high pressure blow air is introduced to the preforms
through the individually controlled stuffer and around the air
dispersion rods.
* Fast cycle times are possible through the use of large air supply lines, a
double entrance blow air manifold, and enlarged air exhaust system, and a
short stroke stuffer.
* The POWER CLAMP, utilizing 55 tons of clamping force, firmly holds the mold
halves in place producing high quality containers at high pressures.
* Versatility for custom containers and single piece bottles is possible
through the options of the top centering package, or a toggle unit for
three piece molds.

Eject Station
* Simple, positive-assist container ejection system releases finished
containers to customer supplied take-away equipment.

* Lower unit costs are now possible with Cincinnati Milacronís RHB-W, a
two-stage, four lane reheat-blow molding machine. Designed to produce
biaxially oriented containers, the RHB-W meets the demand for higher
production rates dictated by todayís increasingly competitive markets.
* Although designed for use in high volume markets, the RHB-W with its easy
change-over capabilities, can produce narrow-necked containers ranging in
capacity from * liter to 3 liters suitable for many markets including
carbonated beverages, alcoholic beverages, food products, and household
* Utilities required are electric power, air and water. Auxiliary equipment
and tooling necessary includes container molds, preform unscrambler-loader,
container take-away equipment, high pressure compressor and a mold chiller.

* Other neck finish sizes: ranging from 20 to 38 mm; standard is 28 mm.
* Bottom toggle: necessary for three-piece container molds.
* Top centering device: utilizes center rods made to precise lengths

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