Delta TPA120 Chainsaw

Ref : 1466643-15-W
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Delta
Model : TPA120
Short Description : Chainsaw
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
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EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 21 Apr. 2016

Including a welded frame generously sized, with:

System of motorized roller conveyors, front and rear, with embedded metal roller bearings.
Roll diameter 133 mm, center distance of 500 mm.
Into 4 m long, and output 4 m.
Cutting station equipped conveyor with motorized rollers, steel roller bearings incorporated.
Roller diameter 89 mm, center distance of 250 mm
Total length of motorized rollers 9 m 20
Motorization with gear motor 3 HP and chain transmission
Electronic speed controller for controlling the movement of wood
Rollers of rigid props and fixed on the back of the input table and on both sides of the cutting blade, 108 mm diameter rollers, with internal bearings.

Standard Specifications:
Crucial advantage: The DELTA chainsaw performs its cut in a movement from bottom to top, which provides much higher accuracy
and better management of falls, compared to a traditional reverse cut.
Cutting unit with bar and chain, with maximum passage of packets 1200 mm wide and 1200 mm high.
2 times and reversible guide STIHL chain type 404 (Precise and very economical)
Main engine of chain 15 hp at 2800 rev / min.
With special cutting chain drive sprockets.
Automatic chain tensioning device.
Horizontal cutting carriage mounted on round columns, with pads slides recirculating ball.
Electric motion up and down with 2 HP motor and transmission with dual strings.
The rise and fall is adjustable by electronic variator for a precise adjustment of the cutting speed.
Automatic slowdown of cutting in case of overload.
2 pressers superior tires for the maintenance of the package during cutting.
Alignment laser beam of the trim cut

Measuring stop, retractable pneumatically mounted on a sliding carriage, with precision movement on rails
Movement and positioning of the package by digital device with digital display
Back Automatic stop at the zero point provided by gear motor and inverter
Special device ensuring accuracy of +/- 1 mm cutting
Cycles of programmable cuts to chain fully automatically cuts

Horizontal motorized belt for waste disposal, located under the machine perpendicularly with tôlé chassis height adjustable.
Lift carpet inclined to the rear of the machine, for setting skip, height 3 m

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