Drager Fabius CE

Ref : 2496101-14-GO
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Drager
Model : Fabius CE
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Central and Eastern)

Reconditioned (used)
Technical condition: very good
Visual condition: very good
real photos of the product
German production
Power supply: 230V
Emergency power supply: via 2 new built-in batteries 12 V / 3.2 Ah
Frequency: 50/60Hz
It has two ports for vaporizers with commonly used Dräger connector systems,
no vaporizers in the set - can be retrofitted for an additional fee
Powered by gases: 2 x O2, 2 x N2O, 2 x Air
Ventilator driven by an electric motor (electronically controlled)
The airway monitor with control unit is a device for monitoring and measuring ventilation parameters during anesthesia
The monitor is equipped with a control unit that allows you to set and change all ventilation parameters listed below

Ventilator measurement features:
Maximum pressure (Pmax) 10 to 70 hPa
Tidal volume (VT) 50 to 1400 mL
Respiratory rate (fIPPV) 6 to 60 L/min
Inhalation/exhalation ratio
(Ti : Te),
1:3 to 2:1
Inspiratory pause (Tip : Ti) 5 to 50%
Positive End Expiratory Pressure (PEEP) 0 to 15 hPa
Smooth manual regulation of gas flow - O2, AIR, N2O, from 0.0 to 12L/min,(manometers),

Security features:
P, V, FiO2 monitoring
Automatic alarm of lack of O2 and cut-off of N2O
It has a built-in S-ORC (Sensitive Oxygen Ratio Controller), Oxygen ratio regulator
with increased sensitivity (control device ensuring a minimum O2 concentration of 21 Vol.%),
Compact patient breathing system with oxygen sensor, placed on a movable arm,
Built-in electronic display with the function of measuring O2, AIR, N2O gases,
as well as the control panel and display of the ventilator's functions,
Clear and easy to use and interface,
Possibility to choose the menu in the language: EN, DE, FR, ES, PT, IT,
Keyboard on the control panel in English,

Camera equipped with:
AGILENT Patient Monitor/Cardio Monitor Model V26CT:
Reconditioned (used),
Technical condition: very good,
Visual condition: very good,
USA production,
Power supply 230 V, and through 2 new batteries: 12V 2.3 ah,
Frequency: 50/60Hz,
10” color LCD monitor
English menu and control panel,
Acoustic and visual alarms,
Comfortable handle and durable housing make it easy to carry,
Smooth adjustment of screen brightness,

Equipped with a panel for AGILENT Model M1041A modules with wiring and sensors:
ECG/RESP - 3-lead cable,
SPO2 - Silicone Sensor,
NIBP - Cuff with air tube,
Possibility of replacing the monitor with another one from our offer,

DRAGER gas module Model VAMOS:
Vamos is an effective anesthetic gas monitor for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients,
During the monitoring process, the device measures and displays the concentration of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and volatile anesthetics in the patient's respiratory gas mixture,
Carbon dioxide concentration is shown on the screen in the form of a curve updated in real time,
For all measured gases, both inspiratory and expiratory concentrations are reported,
The monitor determines and then displays the patient's respiratory rate on the screen based on the carbon dioxide concentration curve,
Possibility to select the menu in the language: EN, DE, FR, IT, ES, NL, SV,
Keyboard on the control panel in English,
Retractable worktop with dimensions: 32 x 39 cm,
3 drawers with dimensions: 32 x 30 x 11.5 cm,
Strips for attaching additional equipment,
2 gas cylinder holders,
Mobile camera on wheels, including 2 with brakes,

Gas supply hoses with fittings to be selected by the customer (AGA or DIN),
patient's respiratory system,
Instruction manual for the device and the gas module in Polish, for the patient monitor in English, (PDF),

Overall dimensions: 70 x 102 x 154 cm
Set weight: 113 kg
The price of the camera includes delivery, installation of equipment and training
On the domestic market (Poland), if the device is installed within 30 days
from the date of delivery of the equipment, installation and training are free,
after exceeding this deadline, these services will be charged,
Has a valid Technical Passport issued

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