Fravol RX700

Ref : 2234302-15-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Fravol
Model : RX700
Year(s) : 2011
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)

CONTROL PANEL, 10.7" PLC Color Touch Screen
--Pressure Roller
--Glue Tank
--End Trimmer Unit
--Automatic temperature reduction
--Automatic Program Configuration with Barcode
--Automatic Motorized Top Pressure
--Controlled in-feed guide NC
--In-feed Anti-Adhesive Lubrification System
--Pre-Milling Unit with Two Spindles Adjustable Feeding Fence
--IR Lamp
--Automatic Loading of the Edge Banding Material
--Rotary Roll Carrier Plate
--Universal Glue Pot with Pre Heating FPI for Polyurethane and Hot Metal Glue
--Shear to cut ABS and PVC up to 3mm:
--Motorized Pressure Roller Unit
--Programmed Entry and Exit of the 1st Pressure Roller
--3 Additional Pressure Roller Unit (4)
--HP Increase on End Trimming Unit with Pneumatic Exclusion
--Automatic Tilting End Trim Unit
--Automatic Lubrification of the Linear Guides
--Top & Bottom Trimming Unit ( RF/R) :
--"Nesting" Option for Pre Drilled Door Hinge & Dado Work Process
--Multifunctional Trimming Unit
--Numerical Control with 5 Controlled Axis of the Top / Bottom Trimming Unit
-- Corner Rounding unit with 4 Axis NC
--Scraper Unit
-- Numerical Control with 5 Controlled Axis of the Top / Bottom Trimming Unit
-- Blower for edge Scraping Unit:
-- Box for Shavings
-- Glue Scraping Unit
-- Tilting and Oscillating Buffing Unit
-- Lubricator for Buffers
-- Hot Air Blower Unit
-- Chain Track Motor
-- Automatic Lubrification of the feeding Belt

Panel thickness.... 10 60mm,
Panel width min... 60 mm,
Edge width... 15 to 65mm,
Edge thickness 0.4 to 16mm ,
Feed speed 10 to 25m/min,
Transfomer for 600 volt included.
Minimum length of panel min.140 (PVC),
Pneumatic power 6 bar,
Weight 1900 Kg,
Working temperature (room) Min. 15° C / max 45° C (Min. 59° F / max 113° F)

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