Gasti FM34 Cup filling and closing machine - DE

Type : Auction
Ref : Online Auction 34903
Industry : Food Processing Machines and Equipment
Location : Germany
Starts at : Nov, 30
Ends at : Dec, 14

Type: FM34 Contitherm 123 UVC A01505
Year: 2001
Description: Cup filling and closing machine
Serial number: 801087B
Details: With movable filling arm, unit is exclusive nozzles and trio filling system and including A+F Automation Fördertechnik bucket nester type 160-4-95
Capacity: Up to 25.000 cups p/h
Beaker volume: 75 ml, 125 ml, 250 ml or 500 ml
Annual filling capacity: 10-20 kilo tons (depending on cup size)
Preform cup diameter: 95 mm,
Cup heights: 53 mm to 120 mm
Dairy products: Pudding, yogurt, etc. (e.g. Mona Trio Vla)

Plant not in operation / already shut down and packed, total load approx. 20 t total weight, packed and ready for dispatch (international), for further loading details see PDF attachment 'Package list FM034'. On-site loading is carried out by the specialist company Felbermayr (this company can also be contacted for after-sales services such as complete transport etc.). The costs for loading amounting to approx. 2,875.00 EUR net are borne by the buyer and will be invoiced in addition to the net surcharge value. ;
Location: 04910 Elsterwerda