Heidelberg SX 75-5PH 54cm x 75cm

Ref : 2204833-4-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Heidelberg
Model : SX 75-5PH
Size : 54cm x 75cm
Year(s) : 2013
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)

Impr. Mio.: ca. 108 Mio.
Perfection 2/3,
Gripper: Uretha gripper material Dampening System:
Alcolor with Vario, dampening from rollers for normal operation,
crowned water pan roller, with Alcolor blower bar,
IPA version Dampening Solution Preparation:
dampening solution circulation and cooling CombiStar,
Compact, Air-cooled, Premium IPA measuring
Printing Unit Control: Press Center CPC, Control system,
Axis Control color measurement unit, speed: 13000/h
Inking Unit: normal inking rollers,
combination device/dampening solution air-cooled,
program-controlled washup device,
Standard washup blade Blanket Cylinder: blanket washup device
Plate Clamping Device: Autoplate Sheet Transfer:
structural chrome jackets transfer drums,
HD cylinder jacket for impression cylinder
Delivery: normal high pile delivery, sheet guidance guide plate
Powder Spray Device: WEKO AP 232 Antistatic Device:
Compact antisatatic device feeder and delivery Central Devices:
pneumatics compressor with compressed air dryer,
AirStar Pro, air-cooled air supply,
with exhaust hood air supply cabinet with Sound Reduction

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