Ref : 2374774-15-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Holz-Her
Year(s) : 2015
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)

.4 to 15 mm edge banding thickness capacity (.4 to 8 mm as-is, up to 15 mm with optional flush cutters � not included)
Edge strip length: 13.78" minimum to unlimited
Panel thickness: 6 to 60 mm
Minimum workpiece width: 65 mm
Minimum workpiece length: 160 mm
Feed speed: Variable from 32 to 59 FPM
Pre-milling station with (2) 2 KW 12,000 RPM motors, one counter clockwise and one clockwise rotation (max stock removal - 3mm)
Servo controlled infeed fence
Edge feed magazine for fully automatic feed of coils and strips from .3 to 15 mm
Automatic guillotine for coiled material up to 3 mm
Gluing station: Glu-Jet Hybrid Technology - glue application through a nozzle applicator (for glue cartridges or all commercial granulated hot melts)
Automatic rinse function directly from control panel
Heat up time: Approximately 3 minutes
Spray system for the infeed and outfeed area: Infeed electronically controlled release agent sprayer, outfeed electronically controlled cleaning agent sprayer
Motorized pressure unit: 1-axis servo motor for the adjustment of the edge thickness, large driven roller with (2) additional idle rollers
End trim unit: (2) .45 KW 9,000 RPM motors, mounted with uni-point axis enabling quick change
from 10 degrees bevel trimming to flush trimming through pneumatic changeover system (PCS)
Top/bottom trimming unit: (2) .65 KW 12,000 RPM motors, with (6) servo motor adjustments (edge thickness cap � 3 mm radius
and 8 mm flush cutting, depending on tooling; bevel capability � 0 to 45 degrees, depending on tooling)
Shaping/trimming unit: (2) .4 KW motors, for top/bottom trimming and rounding of corners - radius, chamfer.
Can be programmed to be used as a second top/bottom trim unit. Manual adjustments via Seco counters (equipped with 3 mm radius diamond cutters)
Feed speeds vary when using shaping/trimming unit depending on material thickness
Profile scraping unit: With 3 mm radius tooling, motorized adjustment of the horizontal copy wheels with (4) servos
Finish scraper: Flat knives scraping along board/banding joint, with pneumatic engage/disengage via controller � includes 2 blow nozzles, 2 insert knives
Top and bottom buffing unit with (2) .09 KW 1,440 RPM motors
Air requirements: 6 bar
Machine dimensions: 16'5" long x 3' wide x 4'6" tall

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