Karl mayer ERGOTEC 220cm

Ref : 1785406-1-GO
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Karl mayer
Width : 220cm
Year(s) : 2015
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
Last check : 07 Feb. 2019

Brand NEW !!
Still in original packing.
Stored in a conditioned room

The machine is new and has never been taken out of the original packaging.
Machine is stored in an air-conditioned warehouse.
The machine is from a company that stopped the start-up of a production unit in middle east.
The equipment can be inspected.


Karl Mayer sectional warper, type ERGOTEC, Type M
Working width up to 2.200 mm
Max. beam tube length 2.800 mm
Max. warping speed 1.000 m/min
Max. beaming speed 400 m/min
Beam flange diameter up to 1.000 mm
Drum-cone: 230/1200 mm (10,85°)
Warping power 22 kW - 600 N
Beaming power 32 kW – 5000 N
Max. section width 700 mm

Including the following options:
• Anti-static unit on warping table
• Including 3 x V-warping reeds
• Including a Waxing unit
• Including press roller system between warper & beamer including one set of rollers
• Including beam lifting and doffing system
• Including remote diagnostics
• Automatic section build-up and feed control

Leasing unit, type Ergosplit
With hard chromed leasing reed of 1400 mm

Creel, type GP-D with rotating frames
For 672 bobbins
Bobbin pitch 300 mm vertical and horizontal
7 vertical tiers of each 48 bobbins left and right
12 rotating frames each side
Length 16.2 meter
Width 4.7 m with open frames and 2.8 m with closed frames
Self-threading ceramic yarn guides
Bobbin spindles diameter 10 mm and length 235 mm
Centrally adjustable yarn tensioner, type ISOTENS for a tension between 0 to 70 cN
With yarn break sensors, type FILGARD
Including the following options:
• Anti-snarling and pretensioning bars
• Air blowing system