Komori Lithrone GL 540 720x1030 mm

Ref : 2209259-4-CP
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Komori
Model : Lithrone GL 540
Size : 720x1030 mm
Year(s) : 2014
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)

Max paper size 720x1030 mm
Smallest size 360x520 mm
Image area 710x1020 mm
Speed 16500 sheets/h.
Length 10500 mm
Stock Thickness 0.6- 1.0 mm
Counter approx. 43 Mio

Console PQC Komori (Print Quality Control)
PDC-SX (Spectrodensitronic Print Control
KID – Komori Information Display
KHS-AI (Advanced Interface) with Self-learning Function
AMR (Automatic Make Ready, Paper Size and Thickness Setting)
Cocking Register
All Automatic Washers: Blanket / Impressions Cylinders & Inking Rollers
Pre-connected to CIP3 Komorimatic Dampening
Technotrans Beta.c 170 L Water Cooled Central refrigeration
Technotrans Beta.f (filtration system)
Suction Tape Feeder with Automatic Pile adjustment
Ultrasonic Double Sheet Detector Pneumatic Side lay
Paper thickness range 0.06 - 1.0 mm
Ink Temperature Control
Inker/Dampener declutch (All printing units)
Chromed Impression Cylinders Air cabinet with the machine
Chamber coater with two Tresu doctor chamber blade system
for UV and water-based varnishes
TRESU L30i combi coating circulator and X10 UV coating conditioner
PQC integrated Baldwin Grafiset 4 IR/HA dryer
PQC integrated Baldwin H-UV dryer with end dryer and 1 movable interdeck
Long extended delivery G40
EMC filter, SBA transformer 160 kVA
Beil Floor mounted pneumatic plate punching

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