Komori Lithrone SX629+C 24” x 29 ½”

Ref : 2339652-4-CP
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Komori
Model : Lithrone SX629+C
Size : 24” x 29 ½”
Year(s) : 2013
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)

Impressions: 96 Million
Max Printing Speed: 16,000 sph
Max Sheet Size: 24” x 29 ½”
Max Printing Area: 23” x 29 1/8”
Sheet Thickness Range: Thin to 32 pt.
Komori Stream Feeder
Self-Standing Wall Loader
Pit-less Skid Loader
Automatic Positioning of Feeder Head
Positioning Fine Adjustment Control
Advanced Air Controls including: Additional Tail Air – Side Air Blast
Feeder Pile Sideways Control with +/- 40mm range
Non-Stop Feeder (Manual)
Ionizing Blower for Anti-Static Air Blast
Electrical/Mechanical and Ultrasonic Double Sheet Detector
Automatically Positioned Vacuum Side Guide
Articulating Hook on Head stops
Full Sheet Detection Controls including: Doubles – Late – Overshoot – Skewed – Missing
Sheet Detection Indicator
Product Button for Automatic Sequential Startup
Feeder Timing Adjustment
Feeder Brush / Roller Adjustment
Cardboard Attachments
Anti-Sheet Jam-Up Device (Plunger)
Komori High Speed Inking Software System with AI
Three Micron Ink Key Zero Set
Superior Light Coverage Control
Ink Return Function
Consistent Relationship Between Ink Keys and Ink Fountain
Eccentric Fountain Lockups
Copper Distributing Roller for Temperature Stability
Self-Setting Ink Rollers
Inker/Dampener Declutch on First and Last Unit
Rotary Unions for Temperature Controlled Vibrator Rollers (3 per unit)
Ink Ductor Timing Adjustment
Oscillating Form Rollers with Internal Mechanism
Inking Control for Mixed Coverage Forms (light coverage one side, heavy coverage on the other)
Automatic Wash-up System including Nozzles, Lines, Tanks and Console Controls
Motor Driven Ink Fountain Roller
Ink Oscillating Timing Adjustment
Komorimatic Reverse Nip Dampeners
Routes Excess Water and Hickeys Off Press
Dampening Form Roller Speed Change for Continuous Hickey Picking
Manual Hickey Pickers
Insulated Water Pan with Balanced Water Flow
Air Skeleton Transfer System
One Touch Gripper Pad Up/Down
Cylinder Cocking Remote Control
Plate Cylinder, Blanket Cylinder and Impression Cylinder with Anti-Rust Treatment
Plate Cylinder Clamps require No Tail Bend
Bender-less Fully Automated Plate Changer
Special Plate Cylinder Clamp Treatment Eliminates Risk of Slip
Diamond Chip Embedded Gripper Pads
Torsion Bar Controlled Gripper Shafts
Directed Lubrication in Conduction with Full Oil Bath (twice filtered)
Double Taper Roller Bearings on Cylinders
Triple Taper Bearings on Blanket Cylinders
Bearer Wipers
Seven O’clock Cylinder Arrangement
Motor Controlled Impression ON
Komori Automatic Blanket Washers with Solvent Impregnated Cloths
Individual Wash-Up Lines and Nozzles to Ink Rollers
Komori Automatic Impression Cylinder Cleaners with Solvent Impregnated Cloths
Blower Cabinets
Anilox Doctor Chamber Coater System
Register Controls from Console
Adjustable Coater off Timing
Extended Delivery
Dryer Access via Side Panels
Shadow-less Gripper Bars
Shell Free Delivery Cylinder
Automatic Lubrication of Delivery Chain Guide
Enhanced Operator Safety Controls
Delivery Area Sensor
Delivery Vacuum Wheel
Descending Pile Controller (Optical Sensor)
Heatproof Delivery
Motorized Remote Control Paper Release CAM
Deluxe Sheet Control including: Controllable Delivery Fans – Controllable Air Bars
Exhaust Hood
Non-Stop Delivery with Racking Board Mechanism
Auxiliary Delivery Pile
Delivery Missing Sheet Detector
Anti-Static Bar
Sheet Decurler
Preset, Stacking, Total and Job Counters
Bender-less Fully Automatic Plate Changer
Paper Size Preset Package including: Sucker Head Preset – Slow Down Wheel Preset – Side Guide Preset – Delivery Side Jogger
Paper Thickness Preset
Feeder Pile Sideways Control
KHS-AAI (Advanced Interface)
Complete Presetting of Make-ready and Wash-up Functions
High Speed Start for Prebalancing of Ink
Komori Advanced Ink Management Software Integration
Tresu Royse Combination Single Zone Temp Control System and Circulator
Komori Coating Circulator System with PLC/Aqueous/UV Coating Upgrade
Komori IR Sheet fed Dryer
Stand Alone Chiller for the HUV Lamp
HUV Controls Integrated into the PQC Control Console
HUV Electronic Interface with the Press
HUV Filtered Delivery Viewing Plate
Komori Ink Fountain Zero Set Wheel
C. 96 M Imp

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